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Silicone prosthses for high cosmetic purpose: made up of medical silicone specifically meant for sensible cutis, very comfortable compared with traditional prosthesis. Stain resistant, hygienic and easy to clean, combining a unique comfort with a pleasant aspect, so psychological important particularly during the first periods where a person is forced to face living in a different way than before.

Legs Prostheses: entirely made up of silicone up to transmetatarsus amputation. In case of higher amputations we can apply coverings of bath prosthesis, duly carried out by a reliable orthopedical shop, to be contacted prior to the beginning of the work mutually carried out.

Toes Prostheses: it is necessary to have 2 cm. in length and one stability test, to verify if necessary the use of the glue, being these prostheses subject to stress during the walking.

Arms Prostheses: entirely made up of silicone up to disarticulation of the wrist. Maximum at the 3rd distal with a very tonic stump. In case of higher amputations, we perform a covering for the traditional prosthesis.

Fingers Prostheses: made up with at least 1,5 cm. in length, not considering soft material at the apex.

Breast Prostheses: specifically meant for: dissatisfaction of standard prostheses; not strong aspect; partial breast amputation. These prostheses, built up directly onto the person transferring perfectly the cicatrix difference of level, are very firm – if well dressed – and may allow the use of the traditional brassière, with save of money and psychological satisfaction.

Custom made silicone bath sandals and shoes: meant for those people who cannot dress swimming pool/bath sandals for feet problems and need the use of plantars or rises, or for deformity and cannot dress traditional shoes.
These shoes allow the restarting of water sports (aqua-gym), or help to protect the foot in a hospital common shower. At home they allow to reach quickly the bathroom from the bedroom, without slipping on the traditional orthopedical shoes – with all the relevant big problems for the deambulation.

Since all the above mentioned prostheses are custom made products, it is necessary the person presence for relevant measures for a minimum of 2 hours up to a maximum of 3 days, according to the type of prostheses to be performed.
Delivery may vary from a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of 21 days , particular cases excluded.